Our Funds

From fund performance to taking its portfolio investments from start – to profitable exit via syndication, acquisition and IPO, Open Prairie has a proven track record. 

To date, Open Prairie has managed multiple funds.

· The Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund, L.P. is the firm's newest fund. Licensed by the USDA as a Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC), the fund is focused on investments that will impact growth in food, agribusiness and
rural America.
  The fund has investors from a broad base of strategic, institutional and individuals,and is actively seeking investment opportunities.

·      Open Prairie Ventures II, L.P. is a $30 million (2008) fund that has invested in seven early-stage agricultural technology and medical device companies. The fund achieved an exit in 2009 with Sony Corporation's acquisition of iCyt.   

· Open Prairie Ventures I, L.P. was a $40 million (1999) fund that completed 15 investments in early-stage companies. The fund was a top decile performer for vintage, highlighted by the IPO’s of TomoTherapy (Nasdaq: TOMO) and InfoBlox (NYSE: BLOX) both with market caps exceeding $1 billion

· Southwest Michigan Life Science Fund is a $75 million double bottom line fund with investments in biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies that complement the assets of the Kalamazoo, Michigan region.

 [PM1]The 30, 40 and 75 total $145 million, not $195 million.  I’m of a mind to not reference the total in this sentence.  Leave it to the reader to total it up.