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Patrick Morand

Patrick is the President of Open Prairie and has over 35 years of expertise in investment and company management for businesses in complex regulated industries and emphasis in turnaround management, investor relations and accountability standards and performance.  Prior to joining Open Prairie, Pat was the Managing Director of the Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund and held the Chief Executive Officer position with three different companies in the biologics sector.  He also served as Vice President of Commercial Operations for Genesis Therapeutics; Executive Vice President of Sequitor Medical Technologies; and Executive in Residence of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse where he provided support to over 65 companies representing in excess of $100 million in investment.  With his intimate familiarity with life science companies at all stages, and Open Prairie’s belief that many components of the agricultural industry are paralleled with the life sciences, Pat brings a unique and invaluable set of experiences and skills to the development of prospective portfolio companies.  Pat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the Athenaeum of Ohio.